How to register LLC in Poland

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Registration of LLC in Poland is an interesting alternative to opening a branch or representative office.

The advantage of this form of doing business in Poland is the lack of responsibility for the shareholders, low capital requirements, and the speed and simplicity of opening a Limited company in Poland.

A limited liability company can be established via the Internet, without the physical presence of the shareholders in the territory of Poland. You just have to appoint an attorney to represent you during the registration procedure. The registration procedure usually lasts from 1 to 7 days from the recipient of complete documents.

The shareholders of Polish LLC of can be both individuals as well as legal entities,
including the foreign ones. The limited liability company in Poland may established by one person. There is also no limit to the maximum number of shareholders.

The Board of Directors may consist entirely of foreigners. The minimum number of board members is just one and there are no requirements as to the maximum number of the board members.

To open a limited company in Poland you must have a registered address, which will be used by the company to receive an official correspondence.

There is no requirement to hire a company secretary or an accountant if the company will keep the accounting books on its own.

The LLC in Poland has obligations in areas of annual tax filing and annual financial statements. If registered to VAT, the company have to fill monthly or quarterly VAT declarations.

Once a year should be the shareholders’ meeting. Shareholders’ meeting may be held by proxy.

The Polish legal system does not allow the existence of a nominee shareholder and nominee directors. But there are no restrictions to the appointment of board members and the attorneys of the company.

A limited liability company since its foundation may employ workers from Poland and foreigners. It can also apply for grants and aid from the European Union aid perspective for 2014-2020.

The costs of establishing and one year functioning of LLC in Poland consist mainly of:

– incorporation public fee (about 500 PLN);
– registered address for one year (about 2.000 PLN);
– accounting services + annual tax filling and annual financial statement filling (about 3.000 PLN);
– legal assist during annual shareholder’s meeting (about 500 PLN).

For the holding companies or small scale business it is possible to purchase one-year package for the price of about 4.500 PLN.